Aerial Photography and Videography

The world looks different from 400ft

Anwick Photography are able to offer aerial photography and videography using ‘drones’ or ‘UAVs’ up to a height of 400ft. We are fully  licensed and insured, holding approval from the CAA in the form of a Permit For Commercial Operation (PfCO).

Permission #4343

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Because every operation is different, please contact us with your requirements to receive a personalised quote. 

Some answers to questions you may have;

  • Our maximum flight altitude is 400ft above ground level (AGL).
  • We cannot operate within 50m of people or property that are not under our control. This is reduced to 30m for takeoff and landing activities. (These can be reduced working with partners)
  • We need the landowner, or their representative’s, permission to take off from their property.
  • We cannot operate in strong wind or rain/snow.
  • We cannot fly over groups of over 1000 people.
  • Congested areas can cause restrictions.
  • Flight time is approximately 18minutes per battery.

Note of Caution

Anyone operating an aerial vehicle for any commercial activity, whether paid or otherwise MUST hold a PfCO. Anyone employing the services of an operator without a permit is liable to prosecution alongside the operator.