Recently it has been my privilege to see the one of the only occasions ever where three Lancasters will share the same space, all with their Merlin engines running.

Vera, from the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum has been in the UK this summer, joining the Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight’s own Thumper in appearances all over Britain together. My maternal Grandfather was a Lancaster pilot so the aircraft have a special place in my heart, as does the Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park in London.

Back to the three Lancasters in the same space. Just Jane is a Lancaster owned by the Panton family at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Center and they were able to arrange not once but twice (well, three times after Vera suffering engine trouble) to have the two only airworthy Lancasters in the world, perform a flypast over Just Jane whilst she had her Merlins doing what they do best on her runway at East Kirkby.

To say witnessing the spectacle was emotive would not do it justice and a few days earlier I had visited the Bomber Command Memorial on my birthday so I’d just like to share a few personal photos from these visits with you and I hope you too can appreciate them.


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